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February 4-H Info


Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4-H Information

From an email sent to Club Leaders on April 4, 2016


County Project meetings are happening:

  • Dog Project meetings (2nd and 4th Wednesday, 6:30pm) at the Llama Barn at the Fairgrounds.  This month’s meetings are April 6th and April 20th.
  • Poultry Project meetings (3rd Tuesday, 6:30pm) have been going for a couple months.  This month’s meeting is Tuesday, April 18th (at the FAIRGROUNDS).
  • Goat Project meetings (3rd Wednesday, 6:30pm) started up again in February.  The next meeting is Wednesday, April 20th.
  • Western Heritage Project meetings (3rd Friday, 4pm) have been going on for a couple months.  This month’s meeting is Friday, April 15th.
  • Rabbit Project meetings (4th Thursday, 6:30pm) started in February.  This month’s meeting is Thursday, April 28th.
New Facebook Header image from MSU Extension - featuring 2 Missoula 4-H members at 4-H Camp a few years ago.


Market Animal Quality Assurance: April 8th
  • The last Quality Assurance workshop will be April 8th. This is for 4-H members planning to sell a market animal (steer, lamb, hog, goat, meat pen of poultry or rabbit) at the Western Montana Fair this summer. You have to attend once as a Junior member (4-H ages 8-13) and once as a Senior member (4-H ages 14+).
  • Campbell will email a list this week, but if you want to check to see if you need to do QA this year, feel free to email him.

Montana 4-H Week of Service: April 10-17

  • The 4-H Ambassadors challenge everyone to do something service-oriented during this week. More information is online here.

Missoula 4-H Livestock Judging Contest: April 16th

  • The annual competition, a qualifier for Senior age members who want to compete at 4-H Congress, will be held at the Ag Ed Center, starting at 8:30am
  • A registration form with details is available online here.

Market Hog Tagging: April 21st

  • Just like last year, we will tag market hogs for the 2016 Western Montana Fair at the Missoula County Fairgrounds, starting at 4:30pm.
  • Information with details and directions will be emailed directly to market hog project members.

Consignment Tack Sale: April 23-24

  • The Frenchtown Valley 4-H club will be holding a consignment tack sale in the commercial building at the fairgrounds Saturday, April 23, 10-4 and Sunday, April 24, 10-2.  Consignments will be taken starting at 9 am on Saturday. The cost to consign is 10% of what you sell your item for.   In addition, tack donated to the Frenchtown Valley 4-H club by a local horse owner will be available for sale.
  • They are not only taking tack but also any items related to showing any species of livestock - like show clothes, brushes, blowers, buckets, clippers, prep day items like sprays, show sticks, halters, etc. 
  • Any items donated to the club to be sold for Frenchtown Valley 4-H club are greatly appreciated. This is a fund raiser for the club where the money goes towards our community services like the senior luncheon and shopping for families in need, which we do every year. Contact Missy Miller with any questions 406-240-3450.
Gardening Project: Soil Testing workshop April 23rd 
  • Starting at 9am at the Missoula Extension Office, come learn about soil testing, to get the best out of your garden spot.
  • Contact Sandy in the Plant Clinic to register (no cost): 258-4213 or email.

Add/Drop Date: May 1st
  • If you want to add or drop projects, please do so by May 1st, by contacting Colleen at the Extension Office: 258-4201 or email.

4-H Extravaganza: May 5th

  • This is the largest 4-H event of the year, outside of the Fair, will be held again at the Ag Education Center on South Ave, west of Big Sky High School, starting w/ check-in at 5:15pm.
  • The Club with the most members present (and club w/ highest % present) will receive $100 from the 4-H Council.
  • Workshops will focus on animal care, feeding, fitting, showmanship and nutrition, as well as horse skill-a-thon, state contests, record sheets, a dance workshop and more, starting at 6pm.

Horse Project: Mandatory May Clinic: May 8th

  • For members who are new to the Horse project, who have a new horse, who are entering a new project area, or who want to skip a level.
  • More details will come from the Horse Committee (yes, they realize it’s Mother’s Day).

4-H Drama Festival: May 15th, 2pm in Potomac

  • There’s still time!  If your club has talked about doing a play for the 4-H Drama Festival (this is the 70th Annual 4-H Drama Festival), there is still time. We had to push it back until May this year, so there’s plenty of time.  A flyer with tips and resources is available here.

Pig Camp: May 21-22 in Hamilton

  • This is a national-level market hog prep course, sponsored by Axmen, organized by Heidi and the Bear Creek Buckaroos 4-H Club.
  • Everything you need to know about nutrition, fitting, showmanship and more.
  • Held at the Ravalli County Fairgrounds (not Missoula).

County-wide 4-H Demo Day: May 31st

  • Starting at 6pm at the Missoula Extension Office, this is the county-level competition for Demonstrations, Illustrated Talks and Public Speaking.
  • This is the qualifying event for members who want to compete at 4-H Congress in July.

Shooting Sports Leader Trainings

  • May 6-7 in Billings for: Rifle, Archery, Pistol, Hunting, Shotgun, Muzzle-loading, Coordinator – Due April 27th.
  • May 15-16 in Missoula for the Western Heritage Project (4-H Cowboy Action Shooting) – Due May 9th.
 4-H Grows True Leaders - New National Marketing Campaign

Shooting Sports Project Reminders
  • You must be at least 4-H Age 9 to enroll in a shooting sports project.
  • To enroll in the Western Heritage Project, you must be at least 4-H Age 12.
  • To enroll in any 4-H project, you must have a certified 4-H instructor for that discipline (archery, air rifle, shotgun, etc.) to work with (either in your club, in another club that will let you shoot with them, or at county-wide meetings).

New 4-H Record Sheets

  • There are new 4-H record sheets developed by the State 4-H Office available online. You can use these if you like. They’re online here. (Under Record Book Forms)

4-H Calendar Online 

  • Reminder: County-level and many State-level 4-H events are included in our Missoula 4-H Calendar online.  Go to the 4-H Homepage and click on the “4-H Calendar of Events” link.

Other 4-H info Online


$5 per Member 4-H Foundation donation – Due May 1st

  • Each year, the Montana 4-H Foundation asks Counties to contribute $5 per member to help their efforts to support Montana 4-H. This includes financial contributions to 4-H Congress, 4-H Leaders Forum, The Clover project guide, Rec Lab, etc.
  • The Missoula 4-H Council voted a couple years ago to ask the Clubs to come up with this $5 per member – either through club dues, member contributions or club fundraisers.
  • Please contact Colleen at the 4-H Office if you have questions about how much is due from your club.  258-4201 or email.  Thanks!


Save the Date:

  • 4-H Lamb/Goat weigh-in – May 19th at (location TBA) 5-7pm
  • Shooting Sports Camp at Loon Lake – May 20-22 (form) – Due May 1st
  • Cloverbud Camp at Loon Lake – June 10-12 (form) – Due June 1st
  • Multi-County 4-H Camp at Loon Lake – June 14-17 (info to come)
  • Montana 4-H Congress in Bozeman – July 13-16
  • Missoula Fair 4-H Ranch Horse Project competition – July 17th
  • Missoula Fair 4-H Dog Show – July 23rd
  • Missoula Fair 4-H Horse Show – July 30-31

Monthly 4-H Committee meetings

  • Any adult or youth member is welcome to attend any of our monthly committee meetings.  These aren’t project meetings (those will be announced as they start up for the year), but these are where decisions are made that impact the 4-H program.
  • 4-H Council Board: 1st Wednesday, 6pm at the Extension Office
  • 4-H Horse Committee: 2nd Wednesday, 7pm at the Extension Office
  • 4-H Livestock Committee: 2nd Thursday, 7pm at the Extension office
  • CHANGE: 4-H Shooting Sports Committee: 4TH Wednesday, 6pm at the Extension Office. Next meeting: April 27th.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Western Montana Fair: 4-H and FFA Exhibitor Information

Dear 4-H and FFA Exhibitors,

Please read through this entire message, and (though everyone should have received it by email) share these reminders with your exhibitor friends who are coming to the Fair next week.

I refer to the (indoor) Glacier Ice Rink as the Show Barn.  I refer to the outdoor ice rink as the Livestock Barn.

Schedules and Highlights
  • A Full Schedule is below.
  • 4-H Interviews are Saturday, August 8th, 9am to Noon.  Livestock interviews are first-come, first-served and are in the livestock barn.  Non-animal interviews are in the 4-H Exhibit Building, are for a specific time and should have already been scheduled through Colleen or Trish.
  • Unloading market and breeding animals will take place between 3pm and 8pm on Tuesday, 8/11, on the west side of the livestock barn.  Dairy goats, rabbits, poultry and llamas arrive earlier (see full schedule).
  • We will line up around the block (Benton/Washburn/Fairview) and cross Russell from Fairview (see map below).  We will weigh hogs and steers as they come off the trailers on Tuesday.  Lambs will be weighed after that Tuesday evening.
  • If you are able to drop off tack/equipment on Sat/Sun/Mon, it will make unloading go faster.
  • There will be a livestock exhibitor meeting in the show barn at 8:45am Wednesday 8/12.
  • The 4-H Café schedule is below.
  • There will be a 4-H/FFA family BBQ in the show barn on Saturday 8/15, following the Round-Robbin Showmanship Contest.
  • There will be a 4-H/FFA Dance Saturday evening in the show barn from 8-11pm.
  • There will be a 4-H/FFA Awards event in the show barn at 2pm on Sunday 8/16.
  • Animals can be removed from the livestock barns after all the market animals have been loaded (normally by 8pm) on Sunday 8/16.
  • We have far more beef, dairy cattle and sheep entries than last year.  Space for tack and “sitting around” space will be VERY limited. 
  • (not a change) Beef tack and fitting chutes can go in the tent to the west, sheep/goat (and a few beef) tack/chutes can go in the tent to the east.  Check with your superintendents.
  • Market animals will be weighed as they are unloaded on Tuesday, not on Wednesday morning as in years past.
  • The Fair officially opens to the public at 5pm Tuesday 8/11. The carnival will not open until 11am Wednesday 8/12.  From 11am to 1pm every day, there is no gate charge.  Prior to 11am or after 1pm, you will need a pass to get in.
  • Exhibitor passes (wrist bands) will be given out at 4-H Interviews on Saturday, 8/8.  We will get FFA Passes to your Advisors soon after that.
  • Parent passes ($20 weekly pass) can be purchased at the Fair Office.  They are open during the week, and will be open 10am to 4pm on Saturday 8/8 and Sunday 8/9 this weekend.
  • 4-H Leader passes ($10 weekly pass) for those who are Certified Volunteers can be purchased at the Fair Office.
  • “Early Bird” parent passes ($15 weekly pass) purchased through Colleen at the 4-H Office will be available for pickup during 4-H interviews at the Fairgrounds on Saturday 8/8 from 9am to Noon.
  • The primary entry gate for 4-H/FFA exhibitors and parents is the one on Russell Street across from the bowling alley (aka the Blue Gate, or the Dairy Gate) behind the livestock barn.  It will be open from 6am to 11am and you will have to show your Pass to get in.
Livestock Sale
  • The 4-H/FFA Livestock Auction is Saturday, August 15th, starting at 8am sharp in the show barn. 
  • There is a breakfast for buyers and 4-H/FFA families sponsored by Mountain West Coop (Cenex) that will start at 6:30am in the show barn.
  • It is the responsibility of each member planning to sell an animal at the sale to promote the sale and invite potential buyers to the sale.  The Sale Committee and Sale Marketing Committee do a lot of this on your behalf, but you’re the one who gets the check, not 4-H or FFA, so consider it your job to get the potential buyers there.
  • Some marketing resources are online here:
  • The Sale order will be as follows (approximate number of animals in each group, based on weigh-in numbers, is in parenthesis):  Beef (56), Mini Beef (18), Sheep (79), Champion Rabbit and Poultry Meat Pens and Poultry Layer Pens (5), Hogs (133) and Meat Goats (12).
Thank-you Notes and Signs
  • You'll see a box in the 4-H Exhibit Building (photo below). If you win any award (showmanship, grand/reserve champion, best quilt, etc.) there is a sponsor for that award.
  • With your award (many of which are given out Sunday 8/16 starting at 2pm) the sponsor name/address will be given to you. Please write them a Thank-You note. We give out a TON of awards - and we would like to continue to do so. Please put your thank-you notes in this box.
  • During the Livestock Sale, please have someone you know listening for the name of the person or business who buys your animal.  As fast as possible (i.e. “immediately”) post some sort of flyer/poster/etc. at your pen saying “thank you ___ for purchasing my animal.”
  • On sale day, there will be an information table set up in the lobby of the show barn with volunteers who will be tracking buyers as well.  If you missed it, you can come there (not to the Sale Registration Table or the Sale Office) to find out who purchased your animal.
  • A complete list of buyers, including the initial purchaser and any add-ons, will be posted by Sunday afternoon.
  • Please write a thank-you note to all of your buyers (initial and add-ons) and place the stamped, addressed, un-sealed envelope in the thank-you box that will be at the Information Booth.  Notes should include something about what you learned raising this animal, and what you plan to do with the money (not just “thank you for buying my animal.”)

Help during the Fair
  • Each Club and FFA Chapter will be assigned to clean-up duty one day during the Fair
  • (not the same day as your Café shift).  Clean-up duty entails picking up trash in/around the livestock barns, show barn and bleachers, emptying trash cans, putting new liners in cans and trash in the dumpsters, rolling full big blue trash containers out to the front (east side) of the livestock barn, and generally making our space look professional and presentable.
  • Volunteers are needed to sit in the 4-H Exhibit Building to keep an eye on the exhibits and answer questions.  Contact Kris Handley if you are willing to help.
  • Volunteers are needed to sit at the Livestock Sale information table during the week of the Fair.  Heidi Kneib will come up with a schedule for 4-H clubs to assist with this.
  • 4-H Café: Every 4-H club works at least one shift.  Please check with your 4-H club leader to volunteer.  Parents, please make a homemade fruit pie (especially apple) to sell in the 4-H Café during the fair.  Only homemade – no store bought pies.  Drop them off on Interview Day, Saturday, August 8 or bring them in with your Club’s shift.
  • Dress Code: (pg. 53, #29) Clothes must be neat and clean.  Dark pants, a white collared shirt with long or short sleeves. The following will not be allowed in the show ring: hats, torn clothing, sleeveless shirts, t-shirts, tank tops, halter tops, bare midriffs, open toed shoes or tennis shoes. All Exhibitors in the Show Ring must be dressed as stated above.
  • Fitting: (pg. 53, #24) Exhibitors are expected to fit their own animals, however, parents or other members may be asked to assist.
  • Showmanship: (Beef, Hog, Sheep, Goat) All market animal members are automatically entered in showmanship.  If you do not wish to participate, members must cross their name off the posted showmanship list no later than one hour after the market class show in which they are participating.  Failure to not scratch in time will result in the loss of premium money.
  • Market Lambs: Lambs must be sheared within 10 days of the fair.  Check with your Sheep Project Leader or Club Leader.
  • Premium Money: Please refer to Premiums on pages 7-8 of the 4-H fairbook. Premium money will be available to pick up at the Fair Premium Bank on the fairgrounds on Sunday, 8/16. Deadline to pick up premium money is Friday, August 21 by 4:00 pm at the Fair Office.
  • The 4-H/FFA Premium Book
  • Open Class information is online at the Fair’s website
  • Some Sale Marketing information, and a list of last year’s buyers and donors is online here:

See you at the Fair!

Campbell Barrett
Extension Agent, 4-H